What we do

Recruitment is a value generating process and a craft that requires the right tools. You know this as a professional recruiter. Ponty is the tool that includes both candidate management and a custom CRM.

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Why you should choose Ponty

We have chosen to build a system for professional recruiters and today we collaborate with some of Sweden’s best. This has given us experience of different recruitment processes and how we best facilitate the work that ultimately leads to a recruitment.

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To facilitate and give you a smoother and more efficient work process, we enable integrations with various suppliers in Ponty. Do reference checks, background checks, tests and much more at the touch of a button.

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Advantages with Ponty

We listen intensively to what professional recruiters want from their recruitment software. This has enabled us to build a system that makes everyday life for a professional recruiter more efficient. Some of the most important features our users ask for are:

  • Time efficient

    High availability, fast response times and efficient search capabilities. It should be fast, intuitive and easy to find what you are looking for.

  • Overview

    Good overview of all assignments and know in which process each candidate is located. Quick answers to what's most important to you.

  • Candidate Relation

    Help to create good candidate relationships and support to improve the candidate experience. Best candidate relationship wins.

  • Control

    Control over what was said, to whom, when and who said it. It is also important to know what needs to be done and get help to prioritize.

  • Mobile

    A system that is available even when you are on the go. It should also be easy for candidates to apply for jobs with their smartphones.

  • Searchability

    Comprehensive search functionality so you can find the right candidates at the right time. There must also be easy ways to refine the data to further increase searchability.

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