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We have offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm. Below you will find information about who we are and what we do at Ponty.

If you need help with the system you can reach us at

  • Pontus Bergkvist



    Pontus is responsible for the technical aspect and the development of the system. He has many years of experience and a deep understanding of application software in general and will gladly discuss how we can continue to develop Ponty for the professional recruiter.

  • Pontus Claesson


    0705 32 06 92

    Pontus is responsible for the company’s development and ensures that we enter the right relationships. Apart from that he has deep knowledge of how to implement the use of our software in your work as a recruiter. If you have questions about agreements or invoices you can always contact Pontus.

  • Elin Carstelius Öhman

    Customer Success Manager

    0736 19 43 44

    Elin ensures that new and existing customers get the maximum benefit from their system. This is done through training, workshops and support management. She is there for all kinds of questions you may have.

  • Linda Magnusson

    Client Manager

    0733 00 27 74

    If you’re interested in a new system for your recruitment company, Linda is the one to help you. She has 14 years of experience within the recruitment business and has deep knowledge about recruitment tools for professional recruiters. Linda is also responsible for implementing Ponty and will make sure that you as a client will get as much as possible out of the system.


  • Daniel Ferrero


    0704 80 05 13

    Daniel listens to what our users want and translates ideas into system features. He has a great interest in how people interact with software.

  • Johan Bergström


    0735 46 66 97

    Johan has overall responsibility for our user experience. As a front-end developer he makes design ideas come to life. Johan is happy to talk about how things look or how they work.

  • Per Albin Mattsson


    0736 52 26 16

    Per Albin makes sure our fun ideas turn into fast, useful and reliable software. Everything from database structure to interface issues, a real full stack developer! He also helps with support questions.

  • Karl Oskar Mattsson


    Karl Oskar advises on all development of Ponty’s products. He analyzes and explores how our systems are used and takes part in sketching on how they might look in the future.

  • Fredrik Johnsson



  • Daniel Hallqvist