We have integrated various services / products in Ponty to facilitate your job, so you easily can use several products in your recruitment work, but without it being troublesome. Read more about which services we have integrated so far.


Make better hiring decisions with Refapp and digital reference checking. In Ponty, automatically request references and get the answers collected in a professional reference report. 

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Assess the top of the funnel without breaking the bank. Streamlined integration to all evali psychometric assessments for reduced administration and increased candidate satisfaction.

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Trustcruit turns your employer brand detractors into promoters by letting you automatically collect candidate feedback to gain insights for your HR department with their survey and AI analytics tool.

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Alva helps companies to make better hiring decisions. Combining psychology with technology like AI and machine learning, our digital platform gives you predictive and unbiased insights into the personality and logical abilities of your candidates.

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Guide your potential candidates to the right jobs based on background, skills & experience and let them apply directly via a chatbot on your website.

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SalesScreen is a global sales platform that combines gamification with data visualization to keep modern sales teams motivated and engaged. 

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One of Sweden’s leading background check providers. Transparent and GDPR-safe process with speedy delivery. Multi-tiered levels suitable for all role types within the organisation.

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The platform for data-driven customer and marketing communication. Manage your members easily and switch as you want between communicating via Email, SMS, Facebook Messenger or Slack.

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Mailchimp helps small businesses do big things, with the right tools and guidance every step of the way.

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Cronofy Calender Connector gives you the ability to integrate your Google, Apple, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or Outlook calendar with Ponty.

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The entire reference collection is managed quickly and digitally and with higher quality of the references – at the same time as personal data is handled securely and GDPR-securely.

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